Bronsky Eleven

BRONSKY ELEVEN was formed in May 2011 by Matt Green (piano, vocals), Andreas Kohn (saxophone), Florian Sedlacek (bass, trombone) and Markus Kink (drums, percussions) in Munich, Germany. Thomas Riegl (guitar) and Isabelle Cohn (vocals) followed later. Today (2016) Thomas is not a permament member of BRONSKY ELEVEN any more. (Click here for more details)

Our musical backgrounds encompass rock, jazz, soul, heavy metal, punk, ska, classical music, folk music, and progressive rock. We keep an open mind about our music and make sure we draw the best things from the musical options we have. We want things to be groovy and simple, and make sure the audience has a great time. Our sound is a lively combination of groovy drums and bass, catchy melodies, jazzy saxophone riffs, melodic and rhythmical use of the piano and keyboards, and strong guitar riffs and solos. The musical influences include Bruce Springsteen, the Police, Dire Straits, Dream Theater, Weather Report, and Frank Zappa.

Live at BACKSTAGE CLUB, MunichIn February 2014 BRONSKY ELEVEN released their first album Burgers and Wine. New musical ideas and songs were piling up quickly and thus the record Music from the Bronsk followed in 2016.

The band performs regularly in and around Munich and basically every other place wthat has a stage. Playing in bars and clubs, at open air events and private parties, BRONSKY ELEVEN always ensure to leave behind a dancing and cheering audience.