Music from the Bronsk – An album preview

Music from the Bronsk – An album preview

The Songs and the Music

The songs of Music from the Bronsk are meandering between the weird 5/8-based Dark Daylight with a jazz-poppy feel, the rambling country-style The Return and the moody and atmospheric and yet sing-along like Night Train.

The album kicks off with a song called Time. This tune has nothing to do with Pink Floyd’s track of the same name, and yet they seem to be quite related in their message.

If you spend your time spraying graffiti you’ll probably know that Bogota is not only Columbia’s capital but has also one of the largest and creative graffiti scenes in the world. Well, Justin Bieber going in street mode after a show, spraying hamster tags in Bogota wouldn’t be worth a line, hadn’t the police shot a young graffiti sprayer a few weeks before, just for spraying a wall: “Justin Bieber Sparks a Graffiti Revolution in Colombia“, as Huffington Post writes. Two Nights in Bogota tells just this story. One of the rare moments when Bronsky Eleven get political and angry with their music.

In trying to come up with something original we have always (unconsciously) combining different styles. Maybe is no exception, an upbeat pop-rock track with a jazzy middle section and a hard rock ending.

After so much energy and up-tempo, Dark Daylight leaves plenty of space for imagination. Weird harmonies, odd time signatures and mysterious lyrics join in to form this piece of music that happens to be Bronsky Eleven’s first full on attempt to go progressive.

The Return is all about, well, just about that. Its saxophone hook line will get you hooked up and the rumbling rhythm will make you want to shake your booty instantly.

And when you’re done dancing, you won’t be able to stop as the next one is the Punk-like 16 Years with an extended guitar solo and an incredible amount of energy. Listen to 16 Years on Soundcloud!

Does anyone remember the scene from Two and a half Men, where Charlie Sheen almost shits his pants as the toilet is occupied for too long and then suddenly Eddie van Halen steps out, a guitar in his hands stating something like, you never know when inspiration strikes? Well, Shores of the Sea seems to be just about that.

Like the 3rd track Maybe, Indie Rock (on the 1st of May) also fits into the category of a fusion of styles. It has become a typically groovy Bronsky-like composition with an instrumental part in its middle section.

Next, there’s Yankee 2020. This one’s about ambition beyond reason. Playing a stadium gig is probably the greatest thing an unknown band with a local audience can ever imagine. Playing the Yankee Stadium in New York is even bigger. It’s not only the 55.000 fans that the stadium can host. All the greats have played there. And this is the venue we wanna rock out, too. It is a crazy, unbelievable, irrational quest for a Munich-based band with an audience that can barely fill a 200 seat venue upon mobilizing its audience. And this is the challenge.

Music from the Bronsk closes with the moody almost epic composition Nighttrain, the longest track we have put together so far. It seems to combine a Pink Floydish mood with an Irish drinking song: “Raise your glass with me, my friend!”

We have worked hard on this new album and we are excitedly celebrating its release. Thomas our guitarist, producer and recording engineer has done a tremendous job. Thank you!

Note that we try to put up an album release tour in and around Munich and probably in Bonn and Berlin as well. See the tour dates for details and updates!



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