The Thrill is Gone - The King is Gone

The Thrill is Gone – The King is Gone

The musical world quaked when recently sad news arrived: Blues legend BB King has passed away. You get the feeling that the good ones die, leaving behind an ever more uninspired and mass-oriented music industry.

But, hey, let’s not hang our heads moaning and whining. Rather let’s enjoy the good music there is and keep good memory about those who have passed!

Thomas our guitar player honors the great BB King in his own way. Together with his former band mate Martin Pirke he has recorded a cover version of one of King’s greatest songs: “The thrill is gone” which has become “The King is Gone”.

The King is Gone

The Thrill is Gone

Oh, and here’s a blasting version of The Thrill is Gone with BB King playing together with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughan, Robert Cray and so many other great guitar players. Enjoy:

MK 05/15

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