New songs for Music from the Bronsk

New songs for Music from the Bronsk

April 12, 2015. We have had a great weekend writing and arranging some new songs for Music from the Bronsk, our upcoming album. A few weeks ago, we thought that we had everything together and there were just a few more tracks to be recorded and to be mixed. However, there were so many ideas and original material floating around that we decided to soundly arrange all that into songs and put them on Music from the Bronsk. Among the new ones is a song entirely written in 5/8 (will it make it onto the new album?), an upbeat track that’s got a jazzy half-time section with a ferocious finale and a mid-tempo pop tune on how you can have everything in life, if you just do it right (are we serious?).

We had so much fun this weekend that we wanted to share some pictures and emotions from the sessions with you! By the way, don’t miss the gig at Kißlegg where we’ll play all the new stuff live on the big stage. See details.

MK 04/15

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